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Angelina Jolie is just as well known for her gritty work as a UN Ambassador as she is for her acting these days, and if you ever doubted the glamorous 41-year-old's ability to get her hands dirty out in the field, the video below should persuade you otherwise.

[Credit: BBC]
[Credit: BBC]

In a new video by the BBC, Angelina and her children gamely tuck into a variety of insects — including a giant tarantula — to show her respect for Cambodian food culture, and the food that people ate in order to survive the brutal civil war under Pol Pot.

While a knee-jerk reaction might be to wince and turn away, it's worth noting that eating insects is widely considered a sustainable and environmentally sound way to gain vital proteins and, from personal experience, actually tastier than you would expect.

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Check out a refreshingly down to earth Angelina and a few of her children tasting various invertebrates below:

If you were too arachnophobic to get through Ange merrily ripping the fangs off a floppy old tarantula and are still wondering what insects actually taste like, Knox has a pretty sage answer:

"like flavourless chips."

Jolie and her brood were munching on the Cambodian delicacies to promote her new movie depicting the story of Jolie's long-term friend Loung Ung, a survivor of Pol Pot's regime. Check out the harrowing premise of First They Killed My Father in the trailer below:

Would you chow down on a tarantula for Angelina?


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