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First off, since the media wants to keep making this " vs. " thing happen, I am firmly on Team Angelina. Mostly because she doesn't really seem to give a damn about "Angelina vs. Jennifer". I don't care how weird she is, I will always love her energy and humanitarian nature and the fact that she seems to act and direct as a hobby only, with bigger things forming her passions now.


There was a time when she was a wild child, and that time involved posing half-naked with horses, apparently. Now famed photographer David LaChapelle has donated one of the never-before-seen photos from an infamous 2001 photoshoot with Angelina for Rolling Stone and a horse to Christie's "The Wild Side of Photography" auction to be held in May.

And hey, that's not the only Angie photo going up for auction. There will also be a black and white photograph from the famed 2005 W magazine shoot by photographer Steven Klein featuring the couple getting domesticated, retro-style. It was a gorgeous shoot and I remember when it first came out. Here's the photo to be auctioned from that one:

And in case you're wondering what else Angelina got up to with a horse in that famous Rolling Stone shoot, you can stop wondering. Here are the rest of those photos:


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