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Scott Pierce recently provided a pretty decent roundup of Disney's live action presentation of the D23 Expo. Why should you be excited? Well, first and foremost we're about have Queen slay the everyone at the House of Mouse as Sleeping Beauty's antagonist, Maleficent. If there's one person who'll be able to tackle the Mistress of All Evil and make her someone seductive, evil, and relatable (by Disney standards), it's Jolie. The film will make a big opening next year on July 2. Likewise, director 's Cinderella showed some behind-the-scenes footage with stars , , , and . The original Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella are two of my all-time favorite Disney movies and I'm actually really excited to see how they translate to today's audience. Here are some reports and thoughts from other outlets who were able to attend the D23 Expo:

It wasn't clear before today how closely Branagh was following the template of the Disney animated Cinderella, but the answer now seems to be: pretty closely. They showed off costume tests and behind the scenes footage, and it all seemed in-step with the world evoked in the toon, just that bit less stylised. After presenting their Cinderella preview, D23 moved onto Maleficent and brought Angelina Jolie on stage to regale the audience with anecdotes about how scary her makeup and costume made her, and how kids were left a little shaken by her. As a result, her own daughter got to play the younger version of Aurora simply because she wasn't too frightened, being "the only four year old on set that wasn’t terrified." The trailer for Maleficent was screened, showing just how scenes from Sleeping Beauty are part of this story. The footage opens with a ceremony celebrating the birth of Princess Aurora, quickly crashed by Maleficent who places a curse on the babe. There were some shots of the fairies, played – I believe – by , and . They've not only been shrunken by the FX, their proportions have been skewed. I expect this trailer, or something like it, will make its public debut very soon... -Bleeding Cool

To give you some idea of what was shown, it imagines the famous Christening scene of baby Aurora. The three fairies (Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather) fly to the castle, ready to bestow their gifts on the child. As soon as the green fairy, Fauna, is about to present hers, the candles are snuffed out and a dark whirlwind heralds the evil witch herself. "Well, well," says Jolie, accompanied by a villainous, whispered cackle. Scenes flash forward as we see Aurora growing up into her teenage self, while Maleficent, engulfed in a green flame, casts the famed curse we can all probably recite from memory. -Screen Crush

, President of the Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Productions, promised "we will be faithful to the original material," but added that they hoped to elevate it as well, showing the politics of the royal court while following Cinderella from her time as a young girl to that fateful night when she's given that dress and those slippers and heads to the ball. In the pre-taped segment, Branagh showed a screen test with the new Cinderella (Downton Abbey’s Lily James) wearing a makeshift blue gown meant to represent the one she'll wear to the ball. As the Prince, Richard Madden of Game of Thrones, will be a "funny, smart, sexy prince. A great complimentary match for Cinderella," said Branagh. Cate Blanchett’s wicked stepmother will be at turns wicked, but also witty, and Helena Bonham Carter's Fairy Godmother will be "warm and tender and funny." Branagh says she's the "voice who lets us know that all will be well." Branagh is concerned with getting the iconic scenes right — from the transformation of the pumpkin into the elaborate carriage, to Cinderella's entrance into the ballroom, to the moment when she realizes the slipper does, in fact, fit. If Branagh's excitement is any indication, this newest take on the girl who loses her slipper might just be a new classic after all. -Entertainment Weekly

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