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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

Sometimes it's good to see things from the other side.

And that's what Disney is doing with Maleficent, telling the story of the Sleeping Beauty antagonist, Maleficent herself.

Set for release at the height of next Summer's blockbuster season, on July 2nd 2014, the film received some new promotion at Disney's D23 EXPO recently. None other than , set to portray the 'Mistress of all Evil', spoke to the camera's about the role. Check it out below:


Oh Ange, how revealing you were.

Or not. Disney's E23 is a huge PR exercise for the studio's films, and whilst Jolie promoted it, she didn't reveal much. She loves the character, having been a fan since she was a lil' kid. It feels like a different, fantastical world. She wants to pay respect to the original. It's suitable for the kids.

That's carefully managed-PR for you. A bunch of meaningless platitudes and no revelations! Blah blah blah.

Just to say: I still love you Ange! I just want some more candid insights into the movie next time.

We've still got a year until Maleficent, so the promotion is just going to get bigger and more exciting (Trailers! Stills! Promo scenes!). Regardless, how do we feel about this project? Coat-tailing on this trend for fairy tale revisions too late? Or is a Jolie-Maleficent project a sure bet? Jump in with your feelings below!


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