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If your dog ever had a litter of puppies, and you had no idea how you were going to get rid of them, you can thank Janelle McFarlane of Grand Rapids, Michigan for coming up with possibly the most ingenious idea ever.

When Hearts of Hope Dog Rescue called the dog-loving and rescuing McFarlane to let her know they had a pregnant Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix that needed some lovin', she took the animal in, naming her Maggie. If you're a fan of The Walking Dead, you might be wondering if there's a connection. Indeed, there is: McFarlane named her after her favorite character on the show—a clever twist, as the Maggie the dog's fictional namesake is also pregnant on the show.

This is where the cuteness overload comes in.

Enter: The Walking Puppies

Several days after Maggie arrived, so did her puppies. Each one was named after a character from , and for good reasons! Photographer Lynae Marie gets a wag of the tail for all these adorable pics.

First Up, Daryl

He's the superhero of the group, saving everyone's butts at least one time each season. Not quite Carol-caliber, but still capable of eye-gouging a walker and using his skull to bash...sorry, got off the cute train there.

Next, A Sleepy Hershel

He must be tired from cooking/eating all that spaghetti.

Power Couple Morgan & Lucille

We're not sure what's going on here. Either Morgan has secured Lucille from Negan, or he's been bitten, turned, and is really confused as to what or who he's supposed to eat. Either way, SO CUTE. Morgan was given his name thanks to his being the smartest of the bunch, much like Morgan on the show. Lucille? Totally the feisty one...good thing there aren't any puppies named Glenn. Or Abraham.

A Much Cuddlier Tyreese

Wouldn't you be tired after taking care of Judith all that time, while the rest of your group was off trying not to get eaten by cannibals? The dude deserves a rest.

A Very Chill Puppy Judith

She's one of the sleepier, more laid-back pups of the group. Unless she feels threatened, then watch out...she turns into a deadly little ankle biter.

And last but not least:

And Mama Maggie With Them All

Maggie's the future mother of both baby Glenn and the Hilltop, and trust me, there isn't a challenge this fierce mama-to-be can't lick!

As soon as you pick yourself up off the floor and dust the cute off of you, make sure you visit Hearts of Hope to see about adopting one (or all six) of these adorable pups, or any of the animals that need a good human!


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