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Everyone knows that prolonged illegal drug use wastes your body and soul. The "after" pictures of people who have died or before rehab serve as the most elemental of cautionary symbols. Nothing shows the horror of drugs better than showing its horrors. The effect is even more jarring when it shows a beloved animated character decimated by years of abuse.

Australian illustrator and fan artist Sam Milham has made a career of showing your favorite animated characters decimated and destroyed. His last series showed the horrors of toony existence before their morning cup of coffee. Now, Milham takes on an even deadlier brew — crack and meth addiction. Here, "Disney on Ice" takes on a whole new sinister meaning.

You can see more of Sam Milham's art on his Instagram Page.

1. Ren And Stimpy

2. Up

3. Genie

4. Chewie

5. Mike Wazowski

6. Minnie Mouse

7. Goofy

8. The Mad Hatter

9. Winnie The Pooh

10. Piglet

11. Dumbo

12. Sebastian

13. Donald Duck

14. Mickey Mouse

15. Finn

16. Trump

17. Minions

Let me know your favorites in the comments section.


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