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Making a movie is a magical but occasionally frustrating and funny experience. Delays and accidents can drive directors and stars crazy, but fumbled lines can be hilarious for crews and audiences.

Most of the time, these moments are forgotten; at best, snippets might become a Blu-ray extra. A few happy accidents become movie-making legend, and are even referenced within the films themselves.

Disney combined both approaches for an amazing The Lion King reel. Using old dialogue and a couple of new animated sequences, the studio pokes fun at the now-iconic film. A funny video was made for the Blu-ray release of The Lion King in 2011, when the film was converted into 3D. The video is doing the rounds once again, and it’s bloody brilliant!

These Lion King Bloopers Are Pure Gold

Notable moments include Scar () and Nala (Moira Kelly) stumbling over their dialogue, and Shenzi () trying out her hyena laugh. But let’s face it, all of the sequences are comedy gold.

This video is a fantastic example of how creative the men and women at Disney are. The animators have made flubs from the recording studio into something even more amusing with just a little bit of tweaking, editing and sound effects. With moments such as Nathan Lane's accidental burping, it seems as if the characters are actually acting out the scenes rather than being animated characters.

This isn’t the first time that the House of Mouse has produced something like this; as die-hard fans will no doubt tell you, the end credits of Monsters Inc. and Toy Story 2 feature their own outtake reels. Those are just as funny as The Lion King’s, if not more so.

With a video this funny, you never need an excuse to reshare it. And heck, with the live-action remake of The Lion King set to roar onto our screens within the next few years, we can only help that it’s as entertaining as this video, and as captivating as the original film!


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