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She's back!

After her Fellowship of the Sun crusader/husband divorced her, became a vampire and came out as gay, Sarah Newlin became a best-selling author, as referred to in the True Blood comics and in some interactive material HBO released in Season 5. However, Sarah's return this season promises to be far darker, with her becoming a real problem for the vampires in the coming battle.

Recently actress Anna Camp, who plays Sarah, sat down with New York based blog Vulture to chat about her part on the show. Mild spoilers ahead, so click away now if you like your TV viewing chock-full of surprises.

Anna on playing Sarah Newlin:

"Sarah Newlin is one of my favorite characters that I've ever played in my whole life! I just love her so much. I just think she's so crazy, and so funny. And they called this season, and they were like, "Can you come back?" And I was like, "Please! I would love to."

On Sarah's 'tell-all book' and whether it would have disclosed what happened with Jason Stackhouse:

"No, no, no! That stuff is really under wraps. She doesn't want anyone to know that she knows Jason Stackhouse, or that Jason Stackhouse knows her, or that they had an intimate relationship. She still has a soft spot in her heart for Jason Stackhouse, but she's also moving on to other places, romantically."

On being one of the villains now:

" down to how the human beings are relating to the vampire world. The vampires can symbolize any outcast in our society, and there is an epic human versus vampire battle this season, and Sarah Newlin is fighting right along with the humans. She's a woman who is very steadfast in her beliefs, and that can be scary, people who refuse to change, who refuse to open up their hearts and minds to differences in the world. So she's scarier. She's getting scarier by the minute. She's very dark. She's really crazy and vindictive. It gets really juicy."

On Sarah getting into politics:

"She might run in the same circles as Governor Truman Burrell. I think she's really trying to out-shadow her ex-husband, and she's taking control of her life, and really wants to take back the power. [Laughs.] She's in power suits! That red dress, I was so stoked when I saw it. And Sarah Newlin's hair is such a part of my character; I just wanted to make sure she came back with it bigger than ever. I get in and I sit in rollers for about three hours in my trailer, and then they tease it out and make it really huge. The higher the hair, the closer to God! For one of the scenes, I got to pick whether she was wearing a cross or an American flag pin, like a sparkly pin. I was like, "You know what? I think she's graduated. I think she'd go for the American flag pin right now."

On an accident she had on set:

"...I was doing a bit of my own stunt work. I was fortunate to have a great, great stuntwoman with me, but during one of the takes, I rolled, I was on the ground, and I hit my head. I was in the middle of a chase sequence, and I had to continue the take and keep going, and I wasn't going to tell anyone that I hit my head, but about fifteen minutes later, I started getting very nauseous and dizzy. So we went to the emergency room as just a precaution — but in my whole wardrobe and giant hair, which was exciting! Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. It turns out that I had a minor concussion, but I'm totally okay! I just had to relearn how to tie my shoes. [Laughs.] Just kidding!"

Now despite Sarah's terrifying politics, I'm a big fan, but what about you guys? Are you excited for her comeback? Let me know below.


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