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Pitches, stand to attention! Following the wild musical extravaganzas that were the first two Pitch Perfect movies, it appears that our favorite girl group is gearing up to warm those vocals up again for a third instalment.

Although we already know that Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson will be returning to the comedy, actress Anna Camp has also just jumped back on-board the Barden Bella train. After all, you didn't think a cappella perfectionist Aubrey Posen would really pass up on the chance to be in the spotlight again, did you?

So, now that the Pitch Perfect 3 storm is well and truly upon us, here are all the other aca-details you need to know about the upcoming project:

1. Most Of The Cast Are Returning

In addition to the Anna Camp casting news above, and the fact that Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are taking part, Brittany Snow and Pitch Perfect 2 newcomer Hailee Steinfeld have also signed on again — here's Emily auditioning for the Barden Bellas in the second movie:

As it stands, Beca's on-screen boyfriend Skylar Astin is yet to be confirmed and is still waiting for the call, though he's not worried. Back in April, he said:

"When the time comes and when it's time to pick up the phone, I know they will and they know that I'll answer. We're pretty Zen about it."

2. Kay Cannon Is Writing The Script

This talented lady was responsible for the first two movies so you know it's going to be good. Kay Cannon has also previously worked on 30 Rock and New Girl.

See more:

3. Elizabeth Banks Is No Longer Directing

Although she may have been in line to direct the third instalment, the baton has now been officially passed on to Trish Sie, the choreographer and director responsible for Step Up: All In.

Of course, true aca-fans were shocked to see Banks get up from the director's chair, but the mother-of-two swiftly calmed our fears of any backstage beef, revealing the real reason for her exit:

"The new schedule butts up against my parental responsibilities in a way I’m not really comfortable with."

She then added that although excitement is brewing, the plotline is still in production:

“We feel obligated to put out the absolute best movie… it’s really hard to figure out what the story is … we’ve been developing our asses off."

4. We'll Be Returning To Barden University

Considering the two other movies saw the ladies rule the roost at Barden University, it's likely that the fictional campus will once again serve as their primary stomping ground. And since all that action was mostly filmed around Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, we're likely to see the cast return to the area very soon.

Pitch Perfect 3 is due to shimmy into theaters on December 22, 2017. Let's just hope Fat Amy doesn't show her vagina to the President of the United States this time.

Are you excited to hear the angelic tones of Pitch Perfect 3?


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