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"I'm not just selling the script. I'm selling me!"
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Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know who Anna Faith is. If not, where on earth have you been? Anna is the queen of cosplay, renowned for her perfect take on Elsa from Frozen, but she's traded her cutesy crown for a badass baseball bat. The internet beauty has given us the most bad-ass Harley Quinn on her Instagram page and we can't get enough. Check out the video that inspired Anna's work, Harley by Margot Robbie:

Now you've seen the original, here are Anna Faith's best Harley Quinn moments:

1. Harley May Be A Bad Gal, But Anna Faith Looks Mighty Good

Hats off to Anna, she's got the look down. How Harley ever managed to kick-ass in those heels is beyond me.

2. BFFs Forever: Harley Hangs With Poison Ivy

Anna and her sister, Lexie make an excellent cosplay duo. This shot of them as Harley and Ivy is enough to scare Batman away. Not sure if this is the cosplay couple I'd choose to do with my sister, but you do you, Anna.

3. Anna Turned Mega-Con Upside Down

Margot Robbie would be proud of this effort because Anna has Harely Quinn's signature unhinged attitude down perfectly.

4. Anna's Got Harley Quinn's Mental Make-Up Going On

It's so spooky looking at this picture, not only does she look like Harley, but there's a touch of Margot about her too. Bow down, Anna is the ultimate Cosplayer.

See also:

5. Anna Faith Pays Homage To Margot Robbie

Anna giving us serious double trouble here. Imagine the shenanigans two Harley's could get up to, I'm sure the Joker wouldn't mind though.

6. A Throwback To The Animated Harley

Anna Faith certainly does her research, not only does she rock the Suicide Squad version but she gives us an amazing take on animated series look. Check out this clip from the cartoon that inspired Anna's look:

7. Harley And Her Puddin'

We love Anna's dedication to the Suicide Squad movie. You can see here that she got all dressed up to go to the cinema and even managed to find her bad boy.

8. A New Look For Harley?

Anna showed off a whole new Harley look, and doesn't she scrub up well. It's kind of like Disney meets DC.

I can honestly say that Anna's cosplay is seriously, impressive. Her attention to detail and makeup skills are up there with the top cosplayers of the scene. All of Faith's Harley looks make me want to dress up and join Joker's gang of miscreants. Keep puddin' these pics up Anna, we love them!


Is Anna Faith's Harley Quinn the best you've seen?


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