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"I'm not just selling the script. I'm selling me!"
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Anna Faith is arguably one of the world's most dedicated cosplayers out there. The blonde bombshell rose to fame recreating Queen Elsa, but don't be fooled into thinking she's frozen to one part. Anna has the capabilities and talent to become some of our favorite characters. Moreover, it's great to see a female cosplayer that goes beyond Disney princesses too. Don't get me wrong, her Elsa, Aurora and Belle are magical too see, but here are some of her best non-princess moments all of which make her work so inspiring to see.

1. All It Takes Is A Little Bit Of Pixie Dust: Tinkerbell

Disney it may be, but Tinkerbell is no princess. Anna brings the mischievous fairy to life in the snapshot. Everything about it is spot on. I wonder if pixie ears could catch on?

2. The Force Awakens In This One: Rey

Faith's take on the bad-ass Rey is truly out of this world. It's great to see her step away from Princesses and represent some of the cooler female characters in cinema.

3. Caught In Anna's Web: Mary Jane

I have to say that I'm feeling that red hair on her. Anna could definitely be Mary Jane in the new Spiderman movie.

4. Kooky And Spooky: Morticia Adams

Anna is giving us all kinds of ideas for Halloween. I would love to learn how to contour like that too, her makeup skills are incredible. Watch this clip below and see just how spot on her Morticia is:

5. Why So Serious?: The Joker

Faith's take on the Joker is wonderfully creepy. I wouldn't want to run into her on a dark night.

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6. This Look Is So Hot! Kim Kardashian

We bet Kim would feel honored to know that Anna paid tribute to her. I wonder if she's got the Kardashian butt going on too?

7. Utterly Fierce: Maleficent

Anna could definitely had stood in for Angelina. This Maleficent dress up is regal and evil at the same time. Spot on! Anna does Disney villain amazingly well.

8. Queen Of Our Hearts: The Red Queen

We love how much work Anna puts into her costumes. We wonder just how long these elegant pieces take to make and just how much effort goes into that creating all these different faces?

9. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: Marilyn Monroe

One blonde sex-pot pretending to be the ultimate platinum bombshell. How wonderful, Marilyn would be proud.

10. Death Becomes Her: Lady Death

Who knew the dead looked so sexy? It's amazing how well Anna takes to each part and dedicates everything to looking as authentic as possible.

11. Let Your Powers Shine: Mother Gothel

This one made me love Disney villains even more. It would be great to see Anna change into old Mother Gothel as well.

Looking back over Anna's portfolio of cosplay characters it's easy to see why she has over 700k followers on her Instagram. I always look forward to seeing what this makeup maverick comes up with next as it inspires me to really go wild whenever there's a costume party. Keep up the good work Anna Faith!


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