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Anna Faith has a few titles to her name, her followers on Instagram know her as a 21 year-old cosplayer and model. Anna started receiving acclaim when her likeness to Elsa from blew up the internet back in 2014; since then, she has been recognized countless times for the stunningly accurate characters that she brings to life through her cosplays.

From her take on Harley Quinn to her Rey outfit, Anna has got the cosplay game down pat, and nowadays, Anna is getting praise for more than just her Elsa cosplay. Most recently, it's been her cosplay that's sending her fans into a frenzy.

Anna Faith's Wonder Woman Cosplay

I mean, it's hard to get a cosplay that is more accurate. From the intricate details of the bodice, to the sword and the infamous Lasso of Truth, Anna always has the perfect props by her side. Even her wig is on point.

When we asked Anna why she decided to do the Wonder Woman cosplay, she said:

"I've always loved Wonder Woman (I even dressed as her for character day when I was in High School). So when WW debuted, I was so excited when everyone was telling me that I look just like her. It's her character that is the most appealing to me. I love that she fights for what she believes in and what's right....and she kicks major ass!!"

Anna Faith vs. Gal Gadot

Just look at the comparison! It's obvious at this point that Anna's title as a model stands on solid grounds. A quick look through her Instagram shows that she knows exactly how to pose for each character, and her take on is no different. She's able to accurately reflect 's fierce and gorgeous persona into her own cosplay.

Anna was a huge fan of Wonder Woman to begin with; she has praised the film, saying that Gal Gadot is "beautiful, regal, and BADASS," and emphasizes how Comics outdid themselves (we agree).

Anna Faith As Wonder Woman

Anna Faith even did a Wonder Woman parody on her YouTube channel, Cosplay and Coffee, in a skit titled "Wonder Woman in 2017." The parody shows Anna Faith as Wonder Woman as she roams the grounds of the MegaCon convention in Orlando, Florida, completely caught off guard by the technologies of 2017, from riding an escalator to discovering the wonders of bicycles.

And. It. Is. Hilarious.

Along with cosplayer and model, maybe Anna Faith should add actress to her list of accomplished titles.

You can see Anna's i cosplays and more on her Instagram!


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