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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Anna Kendrick is one of those delightful humans who seems to radiate positive energy through her lovely, glimmering smile and general niceness to humanity. Now, she's trapped a little spark of her wonderfulness into her book, Scrappy Little Nobody, and then released the following excerpt, in which she talks about achieving orgasm during penetrative sex for the first time.

Warning: sexual content and high levels of Anna Kendrick adorableness.

So, hey, first time I've had an orgasm during that whole situation.

I raised my hand for a high five. 'Up top!' The guy apparently didn't take the compliment very well, but let's be honest, any form of communication and camaraderie in your sex life should be a good thing.

Firstly, if you're banging Anna Kendrick then your life is probably pretty great and should be hi-fiving everything from stray dogs to furniture. Secondly, see point one. IDK, I can see how a post-orgasm hi-five might be a little weird, but that's definitely on the low, low, low end of the Odd Sex Stories spectrum.

Here is more Anna Kendrick because there's never enough:


Hi-fiving in bed...?

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