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After Starbucks dared to ruin our holiday spirit by stripping its Christmas-themed cup of its traditional snowflake ornaments, now is coming to get us by giving the ultimate Christmas symbol the dreaded Ghostbusters treatment. That's right, the studio's next big movie Santa will be female. What's next, Jesus?

Anna Kendrick To Star As Santa In 'Nicole'

Anna Kendrick in 'Pitch Perfect' [Credit: Universal Pictures]
Anna Kendrick in 'Pitch Perfect' [Credit: Universal Pictures]

According to the Hollywood Reporter, is in talks to star in Nicole, a family comedy featuring a female Santa. After the popular Santa Clause series that Disney started in 1994, which featured Tim Allen as a divorced dad who unwillingly finds himself in Father Christmas' shoes, it's high time for a new Christmas classic.

Marc Lawrence, who made four films with Hugh Grant — from Two Weeks Notice to The Rewrite — is writing the script and directing. Alice in Wonderland's Suzanne Todd will be producing.

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Kendrick, who's currently working on Pitch Perfect 3, not only has the perfect humor for a Christmas movie, but she's also an excellent singer, and a holiday-themed song or two definitely would be a great addition to the story. Let's just hope the festive mood will allow all Disney fans to get over any PC-allergies they might have, and embrace the fact that Christmas is a time for love and presents, no matter if the present-giver has boobs.

Watch the trailer for Kendrick's upcoming rom-com Table 19 below:

Can you picture Anna Kendrick as a female Santa Claus?

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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