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Step aside La La Land, the real musical movie event everyone has been waiting for has officially started filming and us pitches could not be more excited to get re-aca-aca-quainted with our favorite harmony riddled, floor-sweeping femmes, the Barden Bellas.

To drum up the bubbling excitement, Anna Kendrick just posted our first look at Beca's vibe in a behind-the-scenes "Day One" shot featuring a hilarious cameo from Elizabeth Banks. And it would seem that this time around, Beca means business — just take a peep at that power suit:

See also:

Crushed it! And if that lil taster doesn't give you a toner (musical boner), the rest of the cast have been posting a bunch of behind-the-scenes pics too:

Pitches Be Pitchin'

New Kids On The Block

Whomp, There It Is!

Pitch Perfect 3 will hit theaters nationwide December 22, 2017 — but to get you through till then, remind yourself how awesome the sequel's finale was in the clip below:

Where dem girls at?!

How excited are you for PP3?


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