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Anna Paquin has joined the talented ranks of people who can recognise themselves through the medium of breasts alone after revealing it was her boobs that made a surprising cameo on the BBC News.

The True Blood star took to Twitter to share the laughs with her fans after she saw the viral footage online and was struck with a strange sense of déjà vu:

If you're wondering about how she found the footage, Paquin hadn't just been sitting around casually Googling her own name. Nope, instead she discovered it from a slightly more cringeworthy source; following the antics of nude scene spotting Mr. Skin:

A True Blood Reunion

as it soon became known didn't just attract Paquin's attention, though, and her fairy BDSM bone partner (check out the scene here if you don't know what I'm talking about) Robert Kazinsky also weighed in on the faux pas:

's husband Stephen Moyer — who also happened to play True Blood's brooding vampire, Bill — also weighed in on breastgate to express his happiness about the unexpectedly surreal event:

Photoboobed For The Dictionary

Clearly not shy about poking fun at herself, Paquin also joked around with her fans, eagerly adopting the phrase :

And cheekily asking both the BBC and HBO if she deserved a syndication payout because the footage was broadcast on the BBC without explicit permission:

BBC, if you're reading this and want to cough up, Paquin has confirmed that her preferred payment option is the newly minted "titcoin:"

Finally, We Know What HBO Stands For

Anna also gamely retweeted some of her witty fans who were whipping up their own bosom-based puns about the accidental x-rated News At Ten interlude:


Are you surprised with how Anna Paquin reacted to #BBCboobgate?

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