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Mark Newton

We still don't know much about Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, but what we are hearing suggests it might be Nolan's most ambitious project yet — and considering his body of work, that's certainly saying something.

We all know runs an extremely tight ship. He's famed for the thick veil of secrecy which surrounds his projects, and Interstellar is no exception. Unfortunately, this means actors and actresses who star in his projects often do not have a whole lot to say to interviewers. Nevertheless, MTV's Josh Horowitz asked Interstellar star, , what it was like to appear in another Nolan project. Check out her almost contract breaching answer below:

Interestingly, her answer is almost identical to that given by fellow star in his own interview.

So, we still don't know much about Interstellar, which makes the fact I'm getting pretty excited for it even more impressive.

What do you think? Getting excited, or is this just all hyperbole? Let us know below.


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