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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Vampire queen Anne Rice has an important message for her fans: She is once again in full creative control of her artistic, blood-sucking property and is ready to reintroduce Lestat, Armand and company to the world in her own way.

The Vampire Chronicles is the lengthy saga that beloved movie #InterviewWithTheVampire was taken from, but Rice has a bigger vision for her creation than just a reboot movie. The goddess of erotic vampirism envisages a Game of Thrones-style TV series for her series, sharing the news with fans in a long Facebook post:

The theatrical rights to the 'Vampire Chronicles' are once again in my hands, free and clear! I could not be more excited about this! --- A television series of the highest quality is now my dream for Lestat, Louis, Armand, Marius and the entire tribe. In this the new Golden Age of television, such a series is THE way to let the entire story of the vampires unfold... Over the years you all have told me how much you want to see a 'Game of Thrones' style faithful rendering of this material, and how much you want for the series to remain in my control. Well, I have heard you. I have always heard you. What you want is what I want.

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Personally, my favorite era of Anne Rice was when she wrote all those pervy books like Belinda (basically a Penthouse fiction Lolita) and would love to see those televised, preferably on late-night cable with vaseline-smeared lenses.

Could Anne Rice really be plotting something that'll be more adored by her legions of fans than the 1994 movie adaptation?


Are you excited about a 'Game of Thrones'-quality, glossy TV adaptation of 'The Vampire Chronicles'?

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