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David Latona

John Locke as Lex Luthor? He certainly has the look.

Actor , who rose to prominence thanks to the popular TV show Lost, is currently being name-dropped as a contender for the role of Supe's bald billionaire archnemesis in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. Although he hasn't been confirmed to have landed the part, it seems definitive that he's included in the shortlist, along with other actors. Previous rumors had the brilliant (Malcolm in the Middle, Breaking Bad) all set to play the rich and evil Metropolis businessman; but unfortunately for the world, he has since denied the allegations. Another actor, (Sherlock Holmes, John Carter), did the same after some claimed he would be the man to incarnate the next Lex.

The remaining official casting announcements should be coming in the very near future, as filming is scheduled to start early next year, so the casting directors and should make up their minds fairly soon. Up to this date, the actors confirmed to appear in Batman vs. Superman are , , , , and .

What do you think? Which bald guy fits the CEO of LexCorp's personality and appearance the best?

Batman vs. Superman is scheduled to premiere on July 17th, 2015.

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