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Mark Newton

I think asking who your ideal Christian Grey would be is a bit of a redundant question. There has yet to be any official confirmation for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, but if it was up to the internet I think The Vampire Diaries star would nab the sexy role without contest.

He has been chosen to front a mass of fan-made unofficial trailers for the movie adaptation of E. L. James best-selling "Mommy porn" novel. Check out the latest unofficial trailer (well, it’s more like a load of clips of undressing), which also features as Ana.

(via XOfficialJenna Youtube)

OK, so it wasn't exactly the sleekest trailer ever created, but I guess all these fan-made trailers gives you a clue at what the final product could look like. Of course, the movie executives are under no obligation to hire Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey, although he certainly seems up for the gig.

Is Somerhalder the only Christian Grey you can imagine, or do you have some other ideas? Let us know them below.


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