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Jon Bernthal has been ready to show off The Punisher since before his Daredevil spinoff series was announced, and fans have been anxiously waiting for the anti-hero to step out of the shadows and dish out his own unique form of justice (or vengeance) on the street of New York. Yet it seems that we could all be in store for something even more gratifying, thanks to the inclusion of another Marvel hero.

While at the Asia Pop Comic-Con in Manila, Marvel's CB Cebulski told fans that "another Marvel hero may be showing up [in The Punisher]."

This quote from Cebulski, who is Marvel's Senior Vice President of Creator and Content Development, came while praising Jeph Loeb's plan for Marvel's TV universes. The comment was met with enthusiasm from fans, leading everyone to wonder what Marvel has planned for Frank Castle when The Punisher arrives this winter.

So, Who'll Be Joining Frank Castle's Cause?

[Credit: Marvel / Netflix]
[Credit: Marvel / Netflix]

One very likely possibility for The Punisher is that we'll see a Marvel hero that has already transitioned to Netflix via The Defenders. Considering that Frank Castle started as a guest character on Daredevil, it makes sense for a similar cameo to take place.

Based on what we learned from The Defenders' finale, two characters jump out as potential characters to appear on the small screen with Frank Castle this winter.

1. Daredevil / Matt Murdock

Perhaps the most likely character to appear on the show is Matt Murdock. Since we know The Punisher is both an origin and continuation of the introduction to Frank Castle through Daredevil - it makes sense for the devil of Hell's Kitchen to make an appearance. An appearance from Daredevil would likely be a small cameo, such as Frank visiting Matt as he tries to recover from his injuries after the events of The Defenders.

2. Iron Fist / Danny Rand

Danny Rand's appearance could have a two-fold purpose for appearing in The Punisher, considering Matt's final words to Danny.

"Protect my city."

Based on the comic book source material, we know that Danny Rand has previously put on the Daredevil costume and taken to the streets to protect Matt Murdock's name from being connected to Daredevil. A similar situation could happen in The Punisher, where Frank will surely spot Danny as an imposter immediately.

However, Cebulski's comments didn't categorically confirm that the Marvel hero would be an already established Netflix character. So, it could be that The Punisher will continue to introduce comic book favorites.

Could 'The Punisher' Introduce A New Marvel Hero?

[Credit: Marvel / Netflix]
[Credit: Marvel / Netflix]

With how quickly fans rallied behind The Punisher in Daredevil Season 2, it makes sense for Marvel to hedge their bets and introduce more characters that could eventually get their own solo series. If this is the direction Marvel is taking, here are a few of the most likely candidates.

1. Moon Knight / Marc Spector

The Punisher is set to have some serious military overtones, with Frank Castle interacting with numerous veterans over the course of the show. With this military background, Marc Spector could be primed to enter with a backdoor debut. He could easily cross paths with Frank Castle, as he was a CIA Operative and U.S. Marine before becoming a vigilante.

2. Outlaw / Nigil Higgins

Although Outlaw, a.k.a. Nigil Higgings doesn't necessarily have Moon Knight's fan following, he does have Castle's sense of vengeance. When the Kingpin attempted to take over a crime syndicate, Higgins took his inspiration from The Punisher and became Outlaw. In the comics he even made a run at becoming The Punisher when it looked like Frank had died during the events of "Suicide Run."

3. Lady Punisher / Lynn Michaels

Being a detective in the New York Police Department isn't easy, especially once reports of The Punisher start crossing your desk. Lynn Michaels reluctantly joined forces with The Punisher while hunting a serial rapist in Central Park. After dealing with the criminal, Michaels became a semi-reluctant ally within the NYPD; eventually quitting. She then took up the mantle of Lady Punisher, and began a life of fighting crime.

As more details surface with the impending release of Netflix's The Punisher, things are looking up for the Marvel universe. After somewhat mixed reviews of The Defenders, fans are excited to get back into the solo ventures of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil and The Punisher.

Do you think Marvel will introduce a completely new hero to the Netflix universe?

(Source: MCUExchange)


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