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Did know what she was doing when she let slip yesterday that she's in talks for a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice appearance? Was she conscious of the shmitstorm she was about to unleash?

Unless you've been living under a rock these past 24 hours, you've probably heard all about about the thir-hand account of Alexander's little revelation, where the actress apparently admitted she was in talks with DC for a future movie . As a refresher for those rock-dwellers out there, though, here's the key quote:

I know a few things about [Batman vs Superman].

Obviously, most fans immediately began speculating why she would know such things; many concluded that Jaimie, who plays the Norse goddess Sif in Marvel's Thor movie franchise, is poised to portray the new Wonder Woman in the 2015-scheduled film.

The thing is, while it certainly may be the case that the actress will play an Amazon, does it have to be Diana of Themyscira? Via cosmicbooknews, we've gotten wind of an interesting theory: what if she's actually carved out for the role of Lex Luthor's bodyguard, Hope Taya?

Now Hope is an established character in the DC comics universe, but remains largely unknown to the wider moviegoing audience. Wouldn't it be great to see her on screen in tandem with her Amazonian-in-arms, Mercy Graves? Two anonymous sources told the editor of the aforementioned site that Marcy is already known to appear in the movie, where she'll have the interesting job(s) of being Lex's bodyguard and chauffeur.

What do you think? Would you dig Jaimie Alexander as Hope? Would you prefer her to play Wonder Woman? Do you want her in the film at all? Who would you cast for Hope's blond counterpart, Mercy? Is all this speculation running so wild it's pretty much pointless at this stage of the movie's production?

Leave your thoughts, you know, in the thoughtful comments section below.

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