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Sophie Atkinson

Much like Disney, Brand is an unsinkable ship - despite The Lone Ranger bombing to the tune of $190 million over the weekend, the most essential JD since the whiskey is still raking in the offers for new work.

Next up for the charismatic Floridian is a picture called [[movie:1040482], which is an adaptation of Kyril Bonfiglioli's novel The Great Mortdecai Moustache Mystery. Depp is in talks to front the flick as wealthy English art dealer/rogue Charlie Mortedecai, who the Guardian describes as 'an amoral Bertie Wooster with psychopathic tendencies'. Mortedecai must attempt to recover a stolen painting said to contain the code to a bank account containing Nazi gold. So far, so quirky - we can see why Johnny's been drawn to the project, and he's an old hand at a British accent. In Jack the Ripper flick From Hell (2001), 'e played maverick Inspector Frederick Abberline, gahd bless 'im, with an abysmal but peculiarly attractive mockney accent (yup, there's no accounting for tastes).


Thankfully, his British accent improved in leaps and bounds on the Pirates franchise, and while admittedly, it can still err on the mockney side of cockney, it's a lot more convincing.

The PG Wodehouse-esque comedy caper is being helmed by (Premium Rush), who last worked with Depp on the underwhelming Stephen King vehicle, Secret Window. Indiewire has predicted filming could start as soon as this October since Depp wants to schedule the literary flick between 's musical effort, Into the Woods and his long-awaited return to rum-swilling and mayhem in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Do you reckon Depp's quirky screen personas are a winning formula? Or would you like to watch him try something different? Let me know below.


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