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Get out your spoilers and racing simulators, everyone, because we're getting another car-goes-vroom movie in the ilk of the Fast & Furious franchise with The Wrap reporting that Sony is busy developing a Gran Turismo film for the big screen, based on their successful video game franchise of the same name. Perhaps the better comparison, then, would be Dreamworks' upcoming Need For Speed, based on EA's other racing video game series.

So basically, Hollywood's doing that thing again where they all jump on the same idea, with each studio developing its own vision of the same theme simultaneously (why else do you think we're getting three separate Biblical epics in the next two years?), and this time, that theme is racing. Specifically racing with cars that go really fast.

There's absolutely nothing concrete about this movie, with no director, scriptwriter, or actors and actresses attached. The only thing we know is it is being produced by Mike De Luca and , who are busy working on the Fifty Shades of Grey adaptation, so make of that what you will. Other than that, I don't even know what to say about this project other than that it exists out there in the world and at some point, will probably be getting made.

So there you have it. Follow along and we'll keep you updated.

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