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Alisha Grauso

For a movie being held as tightly under wraps as the upcoming Godzilla reboot is, there have already been a few tantalizing hints regarding the plot dropped by way of video. First, we had director shooting a quick video after wrapping its first shot.

Now, there's a new video with a bit more action, captured at Golden Ears State Park in British Columbia (that's Canada, people). It features soldiers rappelling from a circling helicopter, presumably practicing or dropping in to survey some damage. We already know star is a soldier in the movie; could he be one of the daredevil soldiers?

The movie also boasts a seriously talented cast with , , , , , and all set to join Taylor-Johnson. No idea what's going to happen, but we know that there will be giant monsters and there will be giant destruction. Destroy ALL THE THINGS!

Godzilla hits theaters on May 26th, 2014.


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