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Getting the onto our screens has been a very interesting development process. What began as a film due to be released in 2019 as part of the MCU's Phase Three is now a TV show on ABC with its first two episodes expected to have a theatrical release in IMAX theaters this year.

Earlier in February, it was announced that Iwan Rheon had been cast as the treacherous Maximus The Mad, Black Bolt's brother. Casting who we all expect to be the villain of the show before the main hero was certainly a surprise, and it left us wondering just who would play the King of the Inhumans, Black Bolt.

Anson Mount in 'Hell on Wheels' promo image [Credit: AMC]
Anson Mount in 'Hell on Wheels' promo image [Credit: AMC]

Well, that question has just been answered. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that (Hell on Wheels) has been cast as the powerful and silent superhero.

Head of Marvel Television, Jeph Loeb, expressed his excitement for the casting and revealed Mount's eagerness to play the iconic role:

“Anson loves the challenge of playing a character who will only communicate silently. His enthusiasm mixed with his imposing, almost regal persona made it easy to see why he is our Black Bolt.”

Inhumans showrunner, Scott Buck, added:

"Black Bolt is a character whose deep complexity must be conveyed without uttering a single word, and I’m very excited to have Anson on board to bring him to life.”

Black Bolt in Marvel NOW's Uncanny Inhumans [Credit: Marvel]
Black Bolt in Marvel NOW's Uncanny Inhumans [Credit: Marvel]

In the comics, is very stoic (completely understandable considering the fact that he could take out an entire city block by uttering a single word), yet he manages to convey his emotions silently. Therefore, finding an actor who can maintain leading man status with just his expression can be tricky.

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Fortunately, picked the right man for the part. If you're curious to see just what Anson is capable of, take a look at his leading man action on Hell on Wheels.

That will hopefully clear any doubts you may have about his acting ability. I have to say, as a massive Inhumans fan, I can't wait to se what he brings to the role of Blackagar Boltagon.

The first two episodes of Inhumans will be released in IMAX theaters in September of this year for two weeks before it moves to ABC for the remaining six episodes.

Are you happy with Black Bolt's casting? Which character do you think will get cast next? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]


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