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Marvel fans have already seen a number of the Avengers together on screen, but one duo we've been dying to watch team up has treated us to something much different. Ant-Man and Doctor Strange have taken a quick break from saving the world to wish one young boy a very happy birthday.

YouTube user DuperTube recently posted a video to his account of his younger brother Fletcher getting a Marvel-sized birthday greeting from actor with a special guest appearance from Stephen Strange himself, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Fletcher's Birth Date Shares A Special Ant-Man Connection

In the pre-recorded video, Rudd tells Fletcher that July 31 is not only a special day for the boy, who just turned nine, but it's also the day the upcoming Ant-Man And The Wasp officially began production. It's not every day a kid can brag about their birthday landing on the same day as a production shoot for a major movie.

[Credit: YouTube/DuperTube]
[Credit: YouTube/DuperTube]

Paul Rudd Hints At Filming For Next Avengers Movie?

As the video continues, Rudd also teases that while production on the second Ant-Man isn't as important as Fletcher turning nine, what could be cooler is if he were "shooting the , or something." The actor points out that it would probably "be pretty strange" — Doctor Strange that is! Rudd uses his pun-tastic line to seamlessly pan the camera around to reveal Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, who also wishes Fletcher a happy birthday.

[Credit: YouTube/DuperTube]
[Credit: YouTube/DuperTube]

Fletcher's Reaction To His Ant-Man And Doctor Strange Birthday Greeting

The video continues to show Fletcher's reaction and response to getting the most awesome birthday wish ever! Fletcher is unsurprisingly overwhelmed by his personal greeting, and his family are heard off camera reacting to his cool video of Rudd and Cumberbatch. We can't blame Fletcher for being a kid of few words in that moment. We would be too. Fletcher's brother DuperTube can be heard in the background saying, "literally Doctor Strange and Ant-Man just said 'happy birthday' to Fletcher and not me."

[Credit: YouTube/DuperTube]
[Credit: YouTube/DuperTube]

It's safe to say DuperTube wins the 'Older Brother of the Year' award for being able to get Ant-Man and Doctor Strange in the same room together to wish his younger brother a happy birthday.

Not to mention, Rudd's greeting to Fletcher raises some speculation that the actor is already shooting his scenes for the next Avengers movie simultaneously with . This is probably more than likely, as reported by Entertainment Weekly, Avengers: Infinity War wrapped production back in July with production now underway for the untitled fourth Avengers film. So naturally Ant-Man and Doctor Strange could've been working together extensively to combine their special abilities to stop their biggest threat yet.

Watch the entire cute video of Paul Rudd and Benedict Cumberbatch giving Fletcher a birthday shout out:

What did you think of the birthday greeting from Paul Rudd and Benedict Cumberbatch?

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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