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Will Wharton

It's that time again! After the resounding success of last month's Batman casting (turns out we all got it wrong), we've decided it's high time to start all over again!

One of our potential casting ideas?

Who should be Ant-Man ?!

Fanboy favorite director (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) will expand his feature-film repertoire by bringing one of Marvel’s more neglected superheroes to the big screen!

Ant-Man will presumably focus on Dr. Henry 'Hank' Pym, a biochemist who works on a size-altering formula. Like Marvel scientists always do, he tests it on himself. Through this experiment, he gains the ability to reduce himself in size while keeping his normal strength. In a strange twist, he can also communicate with ants.

But the big question still remains... who should play him?

Check out our picks! Then leave us a comment with your own!

Wes Bentley

Aaron Paul

Ryan Phillippe

Jason Schwarzman

Simon Pegg

Ethan Hawke

Ewan McGregor

Joel Edgerton

Adrien Brody

Jason Bateman

Benedict Cumberbatch

John Krasinski

Paul Bettany

Michael C. Hall

Matt Damon

Hugh Dancy

Who do you want to see play Ant-Man? Let us know below!


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