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Calling all New Zealand-based aspiring indie horror filmmakers: The 'Make My Movie' New Zealand film project is back, but this time with a twist: It will now be focused solely on the horror genre, becoming 'Make My Horror Movie', instead.

The ABCs of Death producer Ant Thompson, MPI/Dark Sky Films EVP Greg Newman, and New Zealand Film Commission CEO Graeme Mason teamed up to announce their partnership and the second run of the wildly successful, amateur filmmaker competition. The NZFC and MPI will be financing the endeavor, in which a person or persons compete to see who can come up with a synopsis and poster that blow away the in-house crew, along with the public. Whoever does this best gets their idea fully financed as a low-budget, feature length film.

The first competition resulted in How to Meet Girls From a Distance, a critically acclaimed Peeping Tom rom-com that was conceived and filmed in 6 months. After a hugely successful festival tear through New Zealand, it was sold to Madmen Entertainment.

This time, however, the focus will be entirely on horror. While this might seem limiting, it makes sense as Dark Sky Films is first and foremost a horror film distributor, with such successful genre films under its belt as The House of the Devil, The Inkeepers, and Frankenstein's Army.

I don't love the fact that this is being limited to horror, as I think a lot of great ideas will never have the chance. And so many horror filmmakers are auteurs that can work with a small budget, anyway, that is seems kind of a shame to cut out a number of other genres that could potentially benefit even more from a little bit of help in the financial department. In any case, it will be interesting to see what the amateur filmmakers come up with.


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