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We knew the Falcon was coming to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but just how much of him are we going to see? says "a good deal".

In a recent sit-down with Black Film the Pain & Gain star gave some details about how much Falcon fans could expect to enjoy:

I'm happy to say that I'm in a good deal of the movie and I play an integral part with Captain America taking down the winter soldier. It's great. They started the shoot 2 1/2 weeks ago and once I finished doing press for Pain & Gain, I go in and join them. I've been doing combat training and fitness training just to get prepared.

Sounds like we can also look forward to an action-packed appearance from Mackie's Falcon, too. After seeing concept art for Falcon's get-up, this has me pumped to see Sam Wilson swooping in to kick butt alongside Cap.

Mackie also comments on what sort of superhero his Falcon will be:

He's more along the lines of Captain America as far as being a superhero as opposed to a true superhero.

I guess Mackie means "along the lines" in the genetically altered way, since back in September he had this to say to Newsday:

He's this guy in Harlem who moved to California and became a drug dealer. His plane crashed, and he was genetically altered, and he can fly, has telepathic powers.

DNA-enhanced or not, I really do hope that Falcon gets as much screen time as Mackie hints at. Now that we know what Falcon will be there and in a big way, what do you want to see him get up to?


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