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Standing shoulder to shoulder while saving the world, a select few of Hollywood's finest have spearheaded the rise and rise of the MCU. Along with Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie has played an integral role in the superhero shared universe since making his first appearance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014).

The names mentioned above are cemented to the characters they portray, thanks to a number of high profile performances stretching across close to a decade. But nothing last forever, and despite the desire to keep things as they are, eventually, the actors bringing Marvel's characters to life will retire, move on, or perhaps even swap roles.

One of the most popular actors in the , Chris Evans, is reportedly braced to surrender the Captain America shield for good, as his multi-film contract is due to expire after Infinity War. While it's hard to imagine anyone else taking the patriotic mantle, Mackie, who plays , is one of the names linked with the potential of becoming the next Captain America in the game of superhero musical chairs.

Anthony Mackie Would Play Captain America

At Wizard World Cleveland (which despite the name covers more than bearded sorcerers), Mackie was asked whether he'd consider the responsibility, should retire. He responded:

"If it was given to me. I feel like Chris Evans is the perfect Captain America. I can’t think of another actor who would be able to play that role as well as he does – and I love the idea of me, Chris and Sebastian and Scarlet just living forever in the Captain America franchise. It’s just fun."

Brief translation: "Yes. Yes I would. But I'm not going to say that while my mate Chris is still hanging around." Mackie clearly would like things to remain as they are, while being open to the task of taking over should Evans move on. He will however face competition, mainly from fellow MCU actor, Sebastian Stan.

Falcon and Captain America [Credit: Marvel Studios]
Falcon and Captain America [Credit: Marvel Studios]

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Stan — who plays Steven Rogers's best buddy, , in the franchise — is another name linked with Captain America 2.0, who himself has made no secret of the fact he'd be willing to take over. In November last year, Stan posted a picture of himself with a familiar shield, along with the caption it "will come in handy."

A New Captain America In The MCU Isn't Necessary

Both Mackie and Stan would make more than adequate replacements, but is a replacement needed? It's a unique position for the big bosses of Studios to be in; in the comics, a number of different characters have become , most notably Bucky Barnes. But the MCU is a different beast altogether, and a major name is yet to be recast.

Captain America and Bucky [Credit: Marvel Studios]
Captain America and Bucky [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Although there are suitors, should Evans leave, it'd make sense to avoid replacing him in the foreseeable future to give space for newcomers to take over across the rest of Phase Three and beyond, with the likes of Spider-Man, Black Panther, Doctor Strange and the as-yet-unseen Captain Marvel breathing new life into the universe.

Ultimately, that's if, and not when Evans leaves. His contract is up, but there's still an outside chance he'll sign on for more movies after Infinity War. The role is high-pressured and consuming, but Evans has spoken of his love of the superhero life. A life which, if he leaves it behind, may be difficult to replace, by Mackie or anyone else.

If Chris Evans retires as Captain America, who do you want as a replacement, and why?

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