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Now, when the cast of recently reunited for a special feature in EW, it's probably fair to say that most fans' response was a carefully modulated mix of hyperventilation and thematically appropriate impromptu song and dance numbers. That, after all, is the only officially sanctioned reaction to a group of people you idolized 20 years ago coming together to celebrate the passage of time, so what else could everyone do?

Well, as it turns out, there was another option: Getting completely distracted by a key absence from the assembled cast. In this instance, that honor went to none other than , a.k.a. Giles. Who, for reasons that remained horrifyingly elusive, wasn't part of the EW reunion special. As it turns out, though:

Anthony Stewart Head Missed The 'Buffy' Reunion For An Entirely Legitimate Reason

'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' [Credit: Fox]
'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' [Credit: Fox]

Specifically, it seems, he had prior commitments to a play — Love in Idleness, currently playing at London's Menier Chocolate Factory — that were entirely unavoidable. As he put it on Twitter recently:

Which, of course, makes a whole lot of sense. A play's tech rehearsal is, after all, a vitally important part of the production (it's often the run-through in which the biggest problems are often worked out, and has a similar level of importance to the more famous dress rehearsal), and one that can't be casually opted out of in order to appear in a photo shoot for a TV show that no longer employs you.

Just because Head couldn't make the photo shoot, however, doesn't mean that he isn't just as nostalgic about his time on the show as the rest of his one-time cast mates — or that EW didn't make every effort to include him. As he himself noted:

Which is, y'know, pretty darned sweet. Nicely played, Giles. Nicely played indeed.

What do you think, though? Are you still too distracted by Giles's absence from that photo shoot to truly enjoy it? Let us know below!


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