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is working with Sons of Anarchy writer/director/producer on a drama called Southpaw. The film was on hold after DreamWorks dropped the film, and 's chances of starring as a boxer whose left hand is shattered, forcing him to fight his way back to the top. While promoting his latest, Olympus Has Fallen, Fuqua revealed his top choices for the lead. (Hey Girl), (People's Sexiest Man Alive, 2011), and (Uh... Hansel):

It could be the next project; that’s the goal. Eminem is still being a part of it, whether he’ll play the lead role or not, we’re discussing that. We’re talking to several other actors that I like a lot. I like Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner. I’ve spoken to Bradley about it; I’ve spoken to Jeremy about it. There are a handful of guys I’d be thrilled to work with. There’s Ryan Gosling. But that process has just begun.

Who of the three would you choose for the lead role? let us know in the comment section below.


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