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Please meet Desiree Akhavan. A 'jack of all trades', not only has she written her new film debut Appropriate Behavior but she has also directed and starred in it too.

In my humble opinion, I believe we're gonna be hearing a lot more about this woman in the coming months, as her new comedy/drama comfortably slots into the zeitgeist of subversive female-driven films.

Set in New York, Appropriate Behavior is naturally reminiscent of the work by NYC darlings and however thankfully it's only the location and theme of neurosis which bears the comparison.

Those lucky Indiewire guys had the chance to view the Sundance debut- here's what they thought:

The new film, opens with her casually carrying a strap-on dildo down a Brooklyn street. Iranian-American Akhavan is going to take her sexuality and walk it down the street for all to see. Akhavan stars as Shirin, a bisexual Brooklynite going through a devastating breakup with her girlfriend Maxine. She’s also underemployed and almost magnetically drawn to the ridiculous situations that make living in a big city both exciting and ludicrous.

So it seems that unlike Dunham's over-indulgent dealings with sex scenes, Akhavan remains impartial to categorizing sex in any way. She doesn't preach, obsess or fetishize it- 'the sex just exists'. It is: healthy, hilarious, disappointing et al; I mean, why shouldn't you be able to parade down the street whilst wearing a strap on?

Do you like the sound of 's Appropriate Behavior?

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