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A new photo from the team behind Aquaman has surfaced online, depicting the god-like thirst trap that is Jason Momoa at the film's first table read. Once you've taken a few minutes to soak in all of his majestic glory, further inspection reveals that the Atlantean King is joined by Amber Heard and Patrick Wilson, who will play Mera, Queen of the Sea, and Orm the Oceanmaster, who will challenge Aquaman's rule.

Rounding out the table read is director , who's set to swap insidious ghosts and furiously fast cars for an underwater adventure that will plunge the DCEU to new depths of excitement and danger.

While Aquaman could very well be the dark (sea) horse of the , transforming a much maligned character into one of the most formidable heroes ever depicted on screen, our first glimpse of the cast together reveals a surprising omission in the form of .

Justice League [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Justice League [Credit: Warner Bros.]

The celebrated actor will reportedly make his DCEU debut in Justice League, playing an Atlantean advisor called Vulko. First introduced way back in 1967’s ‘Brave and the Bold’ #73, Vulko has a long standing history with Aquaman, so it's surprising that Dafoe isn't pictured here, as he'll presumably play an important role in James Wan's film.

Vulko's absence at this first Aquaman table read can mean one of three things;

1) Dafoe will only have a small role in the film.

2) Dafoe was busy that day, possibly talking to fish.

3) Dafoe was awkwardly sitting just out of shot or could even have been the one to take the picture in the first place.

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Check out how the inevitable fight between Aquaman and Orm could play out in the final film:

Whatever the case, we couldn't be more excited to see Aquaman officially begin production. James Wan's impressive filmography, that stellar cast, and all 5000 of 's muscles ensure that Aquaman will be the glistening, ripped jewel in the DCEU crown. Just don't let Zack Snyder get his hands on that script...


Why didn't Willem Dafoe appear in the first table read photo for Aquaman?


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