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Aquaman is set to give us a major display of his majestic powers in later this year, but it looks like he may not be the King of Atlantis just yet — or at least he won't be in his self-titled followup.

Taking to Instagram, actor Jason Momoa posted a picture of himself with Patrick Wilson, adding a touching caption in which he praised his co-star. But this caption may have revealed a huge detail about the monarchy of Atlantis in Aquaman.

Wilson will be portraying Orm Marius in the film, so the fact that Momoa refers to him as "King Orm" suggests that he will be ruling Atlantis instead of our beloved Arthur Curry. But it also suggests that we may see a fight for supremacy between good and evil.

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Will The Brothers Collide Over The Throne?

In the comics, Orm Marius is the evil half-brother of Arthur Curry and the supervillain known as Ocean Master. Thus, the fact that he may indeed be King of Atlantis suggests that we might see the brothers collide in a war for the throne.

Brothers of destruction: Ocean Master and Aquaman. [Credit: DC Comics]
Brothers of destruction: Ocean Master and Aquaman. [Credit: DC Comics]

Despite the initial shock, this decision actually makes total sense. First of all, it might explain why Aquaman regularly returns to land to visit to the fishing village in Justice League — he wouldn't be busy with royal duties just yet.

Furthermore, having the villainous Marius as King creates conflict and gives Aquaman something to overcome. After all, if he is an evil ruler, it's only fitting that his half-brother frees the kingdom and takes his rightful place as King of Atlantis by the end of the film.

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