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Spoilers follow for the premiere of Archer Season 8.

After leaving viewers with a massive cliffhanger last year, the animated comedy Archer has been high on a lot of fans' radar. When shows have the guts to kill (or apparently kill) a main character, you're bound to circulate a lot of buzz and get people excited for the next season.

This past week, we were treated to the Season 8 premiere — and just as expected, we had a lot of information thrown at us right from the start. Not only is this season in a 1940s noir style, it has a lot of things to clear up from the previous season.

Let's talk about three major things that we learned from the premiere of the "Archer Dreamland" arc. Not only can we answer a couple of major questions we had after the finale of Season 7, we can start speculating what exactly the new season will give us.

1. The Title 'Dreamland' Tells Us More Than We Expected

'Archer' [Credit: FX Networks]
'Archer' [Credit: FX Networks]

Season 7 of Archer left us on a pretty massive cliffhanger. When we last saw the Figgis Agency, they were mourning the apparent death of Sterling Archer at the hands of Veronica Deane. That was after we were led to believe that it was Archer's cyborg clone floating in the swimming pool. Unfortunately, the cyborg melts down and it's revealed that it was the real Archer who was shot.

The opening sequence of "Archer Dreamland" gives us quite a hint of why the noir-themed season is titled "Dreamland." No, we haven't transported back to the 1940s and this isn't just a random season with no relevance. In fact, the events of this season are taking place inside of a specific character's dreams.

2. Woodhouse Is Officially Dead

Woodhouse's death was presumed, given the fact that the character's voice actor, George Coe, passed away in 2015. However, the premiere of "Archer Dreamland" gave us confirmation on Woodhouse's death as the episode begins with his funeral.

In addition to learning that Woodhouse is gone, we also got information on his role in Archer's "dreamland." The premiere sets up the season to be centered around Archer finding the person (or persons) responsible for murdering his partner, Woodhouse.

3. Archer Is Alive

'Archer' [Credit: FX Networks]
'Archer' [Credit: FX Networks]

Remember when I said the opening sequence tells us that this season exists within a character's dreams? Well, we were pretty surprised to find out which character was having this noir dream — we quickly find out that Archer is alive, somehow surviving the attempted murder in the Season 7 finale.

However, he has been unresponsive and in a coma for three months. The events of the premiere are what he is dreaming about, so it can only be assumed that "Archer Dreamland" will exist entirely in Archer's mind.

What will happen when Archer finally wakes up? We'll have to keep watching FXX on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. to find out!


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