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There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city.
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Where's next after Dreamland? The latest series of Archer, the animated spy-comedy, suitably entitled Archer: Dreamland, was set entirely in the protagonist's mind; a coma-induced hallucination that saw the series' characters reimagined in 1940's Los Angeles.

'Archer' [Credit: Fox]
'Archer' [Credit: Fox]

"Dreamland," the eighth season of , ended with the central character still in a coma, with no clue as to his fate. As imaginative as the show's change in direction was, it does leave the question: Where will it go next? It's no secret that the makers of Archer are not afraid of taking their show in a new direction, given both "Dreamland" and the fifth season of the program, Archer: Vice, in which the gang all become cocaine dealers.

'Archer' [Credit: Fox]
'Archer' [Credit: Fox]

Based on these bold decisions, it's entirely possible that the show's next season will go in yet another completely different direction, taking our beloved characters and thrusting them into a brand new setting or situation.

Adam Reed, the series' creator, has stated that Season 10 will be the show's last, so with only 16 episodes left in total, the Archer team may instead return to the more traditional, modern spy-oriented stories to end the series and resolve all relevant cliff-hangers.

Wherever Archer goes next, we can rest assured that the next series of adventures will be be full of thrill, mystery and countless references. In other words: Archer and the gang will be right in the Danger Zone.

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