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If the zombie apocalypse kicks off you'll find me in the Winchester. @moremattcarter
Matt Carter

Today I bring you tidings of good news and weird news. First up the good news: Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros. has closed a deal to produce a live-action adaptation of the Archie Comic Series. Pitch Perfect helmer is on board to direct while Glee scribe Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa will provide the screenplay which sources claim will be a “high school comedy based on the original line of Archie Comics set in present-day Riverdale.”

So far, so good. Here's the weird news: The movie adaptation could feature zombies! As well as penning the script for the movie Aguirre-Sacasa is writing a new line of the comic series called Afterlife with Archie, where Archie and his gang have to battle hordes of the undead. So the thinking now is the movie adaptation will also stagger down this very ghoulish path.

I know that zombies are at the forefront of the cultural zeitgeist at the moment, but I never thought I'd see trying to eat Archie's brains. I think it sounds like a fascinating premise for a live action adaptation.

What do you guys think? Would you like to see Archie punch zombies in the face?



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