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The Twilight lovebirds have us up-in-arms wondering about their is-it-isn't-it romance. However, the latest news has a bit of a twist: Could Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart just be friends with benefits?

So, apparently, smiled recently (I know, right!?) and some sources are reporting that as evidence in the grand reconciliation saga:

This suspiciously "just laid," self-satisfied smirk on Kristen's face could be the result of getting it on with Rob. But fun times in bed don't mean the two are headed for a full-on emotional reconciliation.

Take this with a massive pinch of salt, of course. But, KStew and RPattz have grown up together in film, as friends, as lovers. And the two are seriously attracted to one another.

What's more, the pair have reportedly been having secret meetings for weeks now, so it's nothing jaw-dropping to think that Rob and Kristen may be keeping a physical relationship going!

If the pair are just in it for the sex, it sounds like a situation that will most likely end in heartbreak. But hey, these two probably know one another better than anyone else, so I'm sure they can handle...whatever it is they're doing. What do you guys think? Are they hooking up? Is it anything more than just physical?


(Source: TheStir)


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