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has been taking some meetings lately, if some eyewitnesses are to be believed. The former sparkly vampire was supposedly taking a meeting at the InterContinental hotelin LA, along with an agent and several men with scripts. According to Entertainment Wise:

"Robert Pattinson has been here on a few occasions speaking to people in our lobby area,” [a source] added, confirming that the star was in the hotel on March 29, saying: "He was [at InterContinental] for about an hour talking to a few guys in suits, very business looking with what appeared to be scripts on the table.”

I don't really know how they're jumping the gun and saying that Rob wants to be in a romantic comedy with Stewart. They insinuate that since he's been filming The Rover, he and Stewart have been apart. Basically, they make it sound like she's a nervous wreck and want to "work together" and "play together."

The fact of the matter is it would be a bad career move for Pattinson to consider a role opposite of Stewart. These two actors know the price of fame. Unless they're gluttons for punishment, they'll move onto their own respective projects, hopefully creating new memorable characters other than vampires in the process.


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