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A few weeks ago, we all lost our minds when we found out that we're getting another movie set in the Harry Potter world. Not only that, we learned herself would be penning the script for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The upcoming movie will be based on a textbook mentioned in the original series, and set about 70 years before the events of the Harry Potter books. But might we be in store for even more Harry Potter spin-offs?

Some savvy sleuths over at Bleeding Cool have reported that not only has Warner Bros. trademarked "Fantastic Beasts" (obviously), but they've also trademarked two other textbooks from the Potterverse, along with a host of characters:

  • Tales of Beedle the Bard
  • Quidditch Through the Ages
  • The 'author' of the Quidditch book, Kennilworthy Whisp
  • National Quidditch teams Chudley Cannons, Kenmare Kestrels, and Wimbourne Wasps

Interesting. Studios usually snap up domain names and trademarks when they're thinking about developing a project. It doesn't always mean it's a certainty the films will be made, but it means they're at least thinking about them and probably have some ideas being kicked about. It's a savvy move on Warner Bros.' part. It's virtually impossible to imagine a world in which a movie set in the Potterverse wouldn't be a huge success (to date, the original films have grossed over $9 billion for the studio), and a Quidditch movie is something fans have been clamoring for for years.

What about you? Are you looking forward to more films, or are you over it?

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