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Abi Toll

Getting a tattoo should be approached with caution. Let's not forget, this is the kind of commitment that marks you until the grave. Celebrities, however, tend to take a slightly different approach.

Gauche goth got her first tattoos in June, with more following in August. Her newest additions, childlike in execution, appear to follow the line-drawn, rudimentary brilliance of artist David Shrigley.

There is every chance of course, that these ink designs were created with biro; mere scrawls which were conducted during a bout of mid-flight boredom. Come on, we've all been there!

The scrawls/tattoos were spotted on her inner arms and hand when Kristen Stewart landed in Los Angeles on Saturday night, displaying: a cartoon-like fish above her right wrist, a hammer on her left arm and a crown on her left hand.

The last tattoo on her right inside arm appeared to be a large black square with an eye shaped design inside. This one, however, is thought to be fake, a remnant from her role in the movie Clouds of Sils Maria, which she has been filming on location in Berlin.

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