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Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? Literally days after our resident superhero wunderkind and owner of the best beard at Moviepilot HQ, Will Wharton, declared war on our behalf and passionately insisted that the Batman Reboot should take the Batman Beyond storyline, it seems Warner Bros. might have been paying attention.


The guys over at fan-site Batman on Film are claiming that they've heard whispers that an adaptation of the animated TV series Batman Beyond is being considered as the basis for the planned Batman Reboot. They go on to suggest that the reboot would have nothing to do with the universe that Nolan created, so we wouldn't be getting 's elderly Bruce Wayne mentoring 's Robin. The reboot would instead closely follow the animated TV series with Wayne teaching his young padawan Terry McGinnis the ways of crime fighting in Neo-Gotham.

So what are the chances of Warner Bros. moving ahead with a Batman Beyond movie? It's no secret that the studio is currently working on Justice League Part One so any potential Batman Beyond movie would have to come after the DC superhero ensemble. But if Justice League is a success, would WB really want to move the caped crusader's story forward to 2039? Where would Batman then fit into the DCU?

That being said, if we do get a Justice League movie, I would be more than happy to then get a Batman Beyond movie. As our man Will Wharton said, do we really need to see Bruce Wayne's origin story again? It's been told often and by many so let's get a fresh Batman movie that sees the Dark Knight and his apprentice kicking ass in a futuristic city rocking some seriously high-tech Batsuits!

At the moment, Batman Beyond is still nothing but a quietly-whispered rumor, but if you follow me either on Moviepilot or Twitter I'll do my best to bring you the latest on this story as it develops.

What do you Bat fans think? Is a Batman Beyond movie the way forward for Warner Bros.?



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