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Jennifer Geacone-Cruz

Forget Pandora's box; anyone who saw The Possession knows a dybbuk box is worse. We'll get to do it again, with Bloody Disgusting reporting that the 2012 -directed, -produced Jewish possession movie is on its way to getting a sequel.

Raimi hinted at the possibility of a sequel a few months ago, having said to MTV:

There are so many tales of the original Dybbuk box that never made it to the screen in this version.

Looks like the chance to see more dybbuk box stories is pretty high, with Ghost House Pictures having snapped up the rights to said stories after the kind of surprising success of the The Possession.

The question here is whether Ghost House and their story rights will be involved. Right now there's confirmation on that, but we do know that Good Universe, one of the production companies working on the Oldboy remake, is informally attached. No word, either, on who would be penning the tale.

Rest assured, however, all signs point to that box getting opened again. [[follow]] to stay tuned as we get all the details.


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