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Brian Salisbury

In 2009, blew our minds with a socially-conscious science-fiction film called District 9. It wasn't simply the special effects or the mesmerizing action sequences that captivated us, but also the satirical genre reproach of mankind's tendency toward institutionalized prejudice. One thing you can't say about Blomkamp as an artist is that he's hasty. It's been four years and only this summer will we see his followup film Elysium. And yet the question lingered, given the open-ended nature of District 9's ending, would we be getting a sequel? If so, given that certainly Blomkamp works at his own pace, when?

About a month ago, when the question of District 10 was posed, Blomkamp gave a rather non-committal answer. Basically, he said he wanted to make the film, but didn't want to be tied down. During a much more recent conversation with Wired, Blomkamp revealed that we are actually much closer to the sequel becoming a reality. According to the director, he and his wife have put together an eighteen-page treatment for District 10 that Blomkamp only offered was, "really fucking cool." Still, he seems unwilling to commit to the sequel in case other, more attractive projects might come along.

I can completely understand Blomkamp keeping his options open. He's a rising star in Hollywood and if Elysium does well, he will likely be able to write his own ticket. That being said, it seems odd that he and his wife/writing partner would take the time and expend the energy to write a treatment for the sequel unless it was at least highly likely that it's a priority for him. Personally, I don't care whether we see this sequel or not. I think District 9 wrapped up well and I am far more interested in seeing what Blomkamp does with new and original stories.


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