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Oh, SyFy. What have you done? When you started your little experiments with B-movies about genetically-altered sharks being crossbred with random animals, you unleashed upon the world a pop culture wave that could not be contained. When you detonated the bomb in our hearts that was Sharknado earlier this summer, you whipped the world into a frenzy. Granted, the part of the world that was whipped into a frenzy has arguably questionable tastes and probably too much time on its hands, but still. If loving chainsawing flying sharks in half is wrong, who the hell wants to be right?

And it looks like the gene-spliced mutant train isn't stopping any time soon, because plans are in the works for Sharktopus vs. Mermantula. That's right. Sharktopus, the 2010 film by that started it all is finally getting a sequel, riding the coattails of the cultural phenomenon of Sharknado. There's yet a third one in the pipeline, too: Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda.

As with all of SyFy's shark-animal mashup films, the title pretty much gives away the plot of the sequel: Sharktopus (half shark, half octopus) will be fighting Mermantula (part man, part piranha, part tarantula, obviously). Why? No idea! Does it really matter, though?

Ready for your first glimpse of Mermantula?


And as a refresher, let me reintroduce you to our good friend, Sharktopus:


Start planning your weekend and your Sharktopus-themed drinking games now, everyone. Because this is going to be an EVENT. Stay tuned to find out when SyFy will be airing this little gem.

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