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Tino Jochimsen

This weekend might very well be remembered as the weekend that cemented Argo’s Academy Award for best picture.

Two of the most important precursor award ceremonies took place, and both steered the Oscar wagon firmly in the direction of 's third feature film.

The Producers Guild as well as the Screen Actors Guild handed out their big annual awards, and both saw fit to crown Argo big time, hence making it the frontrunner to win the Academy Award for best picture come February.

Now, there is one big stumbling block, and it is indeed a really big one. Apart from Driving Miss Daisy in 1989, in 65 years, no film has won best picture Oscar without an Academy Award nomination for best director, which Argo sadly hasn't.

Currently, 's dramatic escape film seems to be the big underdog that everybody wants to win, as opposed to the stiff history lesson, that apparently (and sadly) some deem ’s Lincoln to be.

An Argo win is far from a sure thing, though. Little Miss Sunshine equally won Producers Guild and the Screen Actors' Guild awards and didn’t win the Academy Award for best picture. Apollo 13 won both awards AND the Directors Guild Award and still lost to ’s Braveheart, which was – like Lincoln – the film with the most Oscar nominations.

So, we'll have to wait until Oscar night to find out who takes the big one home. Which is as it should be, right?


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