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Anyone who watched Ariana Grande's on point impression of Céline Dion on Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show back in 2015 has been waiting for this moment, the moment that someone finally appreciates her ability to whack out a warble that's on par with the Québécois queen enough to give her a platform to prove it to the rest of the world. And prove it she will have to do, for that platform just happens to be the upcoming live-action reboot.

Back in 1991 when OG Beauty and the Beast's dancing teacups and talking closets were awing children around the globe, Céline Dion and Peabo Bryson shimmied behind the mic to belt out one of the most iconic theme songs in history — you know the one — and, if the rumor mill* is to be believed, it's those big song boots that will have to fill. But we're sure she'll have no trouble doing so, Grande may be tiny but those lungs pack a huge punch!

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Grande dropped the news via her Instagram account, posting a shot of her in the studio with just a simple wilted rose as the caption:

*The rumor mill seems to be convinced that she will be teaming up with John Legend to cover the classic, but nothing confirmed yet!

[Credit: Twitter]
[Credit: Twitter]

Beauty and the Beast hits theaters on March 17, check out the latest TV spot, which aired during this year's Golden Globes, below:

Do you think Ariana Grande will do Celine Dion justice?


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