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For an A-list celebrity in today's tabloid society, what's the minimum amount of privacy one is entitled to?

That question reared its controversial head this week when Ariana Grande sat down for an interview with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show On Air With Ryan Seacrest — and after probing a little too hard into Ari's relationship status, the host found out the hard way that the only thing sassier than the miniature diva's music is her sharp tongue.

Referencing the above Instagram post, in which the 'Side to Side' chanteuse strikes a playful pose with rapper and collaborator Mac Miller, Seacrest wasted no time in stating: "I saw you confirmed this relationship with Mac Miller on Instagram."

Ariana's immediate response was coated in a layer of sugary sass: "Oh, is that what I did?" Shots fired.

Seacrest then tried to rescue the situation but ended up throwing himself into a hole and digging even deeper when he admitted he hadn't actually seen the Instagram post, but was just reading from a list of questions prepared by an assistant. Rookie error, Ryan.

As the host furiously back-pedals like a cyclist who dropped his wallet, Ariana is in no mood to let him get away with his faux pass, shooting Seacrest a few of her sharpest daggers before finally delivering the killer blow:

"If I post something, that's what I'm willing to share in the moment. That doesn't mean [your] millions of listeners are entitled to more information."

This is the part where Ryan wishes he could break free. Grande Shade also utters the words "It's too early for this kind of tea," which almost certainly elicited a chorus of "yasss kween!" from a certain segment of the listenership.

So, what's the main takeaway from this clash of ideologies? Simple: Don't fuck with a dangerous woman.

Was Ariana right to demand privacy, should Ryan be a little more on the ball, or is Instagram fair game?

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